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Ballscrew Repair and Refurbishment

LMB Transmissions Ballscrew Repair and Refurbishment Service


We specialise in the refurbishment, repair and/or re-manufacture of precision ground and rolled thread ballscrews of all sizes, from all manufacturers. Our highly trained engineers have a combined experience of over 45 years in working with ballscrews and linear products, guaranteeing you the quality and competitive pricing you expect from precision specialists such as us.

We are able to assess the condition of a ballscrew and provide a same day detailed assessment with recommendations for levels of repair or remanufacture providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision.


  • A rapid turn around on repair orders. When we agree a date with you, we will always endeavour to deliver on time to reduce downtime and keep your critical machinery operating.
  • The highest-grade materials for all manufacturers.
  • All levels of repair including **FREE** inspection.

Where necessary we are able to offer replacement ballscrews on any ballscrew that is irreparable. This could be a direct equivalent or an alternative that could be used with a small amount of re-engineering.


We are able to refurbish and/or repair ballscrews from all the leading manufacturers including:

  • Barnes Ballscrews
  • BS&A Ballscrews
  • Danaher Ballscrews
  • DSP Ballscrews
  • BaHBC (Ho Fong) Ballscrews
  • Hiwin Ballscrews
  • ISEL Ballscrews
  • Jena-Tec Ballscrews
  • KKS Ballscrews
  • Korta Ballscrews
  • Codex ballscrews
  • Kuroda Ballscrews
  • Nook Ballscrews
  • NSK Ballscrews
  • NTN Ballscrews
  • PGM Ballscrews
  • Rexroth Ballscrews
  • Roton Ballscrews
  • Scaravella Ballscrews
  • Schneeberger Ballscrews
  • Shuton ballscrews
  • SMI Ballscrews
  • Star Ballscrews
  • Steinmeyer Ballscrews
  • Tami Ballscrews
  • Techno Ballscrews
  • THK Ballscrews
  • THK Ballscrews
  • Thomson Saginaw
  • Ballscrews
  • Thread Craft Ballscrews
  • Twentieth (20th) Century Ballscrews
  • Tobaki Ballscrews
  • Mbra Ballscrews
  • Wedin Ballscrews
  1. Refurbishment and Re-ball
  2. This involves all the components being thoroughly cleaned and the shaft being checked for straightness and re-straightened if necessary. Any damage to the journals and threads is repaired and the whole shaft is then polished. The unit is then rebuilt with new balls and the correct preload torque is set.

    We have an extensive range of ball bearings in all grades that cover both imperial and metric sizes. We are able to repair all makes and designs of ballscrews including ground and rolled ballscrews of all sizes (including miniature), from all manufacturers.

  3. New assembly quote
  4. In the event that the ballscrew is irreparable or that it is not cost-effective to do so we are able to offer the most competitive quotes on new assemblies to suit your needs.

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