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Ball Screws

High-precision ball screws are typically precise to one thousandth of an inch per foot or better. They have historically been machined to gross shape, case hardened and then ground. The three step process is needed because high temperature machining distorts the work-piece. Hard whirling is a recent (2008) precision machining technique that minimizes heating of the work, and can produce precision ball screws from case-hardened bar stock.

Instrument quality ball screws are typically precise to 250 nanometers per centimeter. Ball screws are produced on precision milling machines with optical distance measuring equipment and special tooling. Similar machines are often used to produce optical lenses and mirrors for the photographic and motoring industries. Instrument ball screws shafts are usually made of Invar, this prevents the temperature from changing the tolerances too much.

Ball Screws, their history!

The first precise ball screws were produced by starting with low precision ball screws, and then lapping the shaft with several spring-loaded nut laps. By rearranging and inverting the nut laps, the lengthwise errors of the nuts and shaft were averaged out. Then, the very repeatable shaft's pitch is measured against a distance standard. A similar process is sometimes used today to produce reference standard ball screws, or master manufacturing ball screws.

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