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Linear Actuators

What are linear actuators?

Linear actuators are an actuator that, when driven by a non-linear motion, creates linear motion instead of rotary motion, like that of an electric motor. Mechanical and hydraulic actuation are by far the most common methods of achieving the linear motion.

Mechanical linear actuators with digital readout.

Mechanical linear actuators operate by conversion of rotary motion into linear motion. Conversion is commonly made via a few simple types of mechanism:

  • Screw: Screw jack, ball screw and roller screw linear actuators all operate on the principle of the simple machine known as the screw. By rotating the linear actuators nut, the screw shaft moves in a line.
  • Wheel and axle: Hoist, winch, rack and pinion, chain drive, belt drive, rigid chain and rigid belt linear actuators operate on the principle of the wheel and axle. By rotating a wheel or axle a linear member such as a chain or belt moves.
  • Cam: Cam linear actuators function on the principle similar to that of the wedge, but they provide relatively limited travel. As a wheel like cam rotates, its eccentric shape provides thrust at the base of a shaft. Some mechanical linear actuators only pull and others only push.

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