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Quality Inspection

The inspection table used by LMB Transmissions to ensure quality control

LMB Transmissions use a certificated granite surface inspection table to ensure we obtain precise flatness and accurate measurements.

Why Granite?

Manufacturers worldwide still rely on flatness accuracy to varying degrees, and so must properly select, install and maintain their granite surface plates. Yet, even with the advances in calibration equipment technology over the past 60 years, the basic plate has remained unchanged.

The granite surface plate was first fashioned because of a desperate situation during the Second World War. An owner of a monument and metal working shop in Dayton, Ohio, Mr. Wallace Herman, required a flat table for checking parts, but the military was using all the metal for artillery. Thankfully, Herman deduced that granite could be used, just like metal, for a flat surface and he manufactured the first granite plate from a piece of black stone. The original stone worked, and the technologies have evolved and improved to the very precise granite surface plates that are available today.

Sylvac Dial Indicator Calibration System

As LMB Transmissions are a company that uses a large amount of dial gages, the Sylvac indicator calibration system saves us many thousands of pounds annualy in outside dial gage calibration costs.

A combination of hardware and software, the system can readily inspect and certify any type of dial gage, electronic indicator or test lever indicator.

Digital Micrometers and Digital Vernier Callipers

LMB Transmissions extensively utilises digital micrometers to measure the distance between two points on an object and Vernier calipers. These are a precision instrument that can be used to measure internal and external distances extremely accurately.

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